101 golf tips

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41. How to find more information about golf.
Gathering more information about golf is important, since it can provide you with guidance in getting started with it. Lots of websites are launched today, which can offer you lots of valuable data about it. Aside from that, some of these sites can also recommend trainers to you, as well as books that you can read.

42. Compete.
Once you have gained enough experience in playing golf, it is time to join various competitions about it. You can even suggest one, which can be played by employees of the company you are working for. When you compete, you would become more motivated in training, since you want to do good in it.

43. Buy a good sunscreen.
Playing golf would often expose you to the glaring sun. Because of that, you want to make sure that you can also maintain the health of your skin, by using a good sunscreen. When you buy one though, choose something that can last long, so that you won’t have to reapply lots of time throughout the day.

44. Bring a mosquito repellent.
When you visit golf courses, you should be aware that there may be mosquitoes flying around, due to the fact that there are trees and bodies of water nearby. With that, you should bring a mosquito repellent, so that you can prevent them from biting you. Always remember that mosquitoes can cause certain types of diseases; thus, the lesser amounts of time they bite you, the better.

45. Research about the golf course.
Whether you are going to visit a golf course to attend a competition, or to simply enjoy a day with your friends, it is best that you do your research about it. By doing that, you would be able to know whether the golf course can offer you 9 or 18 holes. Aside from that, you can also anticipate the level of difficulty that it can offer to you.

46. Bring your family with you when visiting a golf course.
Visiting a golf course can be made more fun and interesting if you bring your family with you. This is because, you can treat them in the course’s refreshments. Aside from that, you can also let them see more about the sports that you enjoy. Moreover, if you are visiting the place to play, they can also give you the support you need.

47. Make playing golf fun.
When you play golf, you should always make it a fun experience. You should not be too hard on yourself whenever you are having a bad day. Doing that would just bring you down further.
Instead, always see it as a game, which provides you with entertainment. However, just like any other game, you also want to win in it, which is why you should train harder.

48. Take care of your eyes.
In playing golf, you would actually be using your eyes a lot, in order to score better. Therefore, you should take care of them. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that your diet consists of foods that are high in essential vitamins and minerals. Aside from that, it would also be better for you if you are wearing sunglasses whenever you are outdoors.

49. Develop your muscles.
When you see professional golfers play, you would probably think that the game is not very physical. However, you still need to develop your muscles for it, since you also need to have power in order to shoot the golf balls to great distances. Developing your muscles can be done by working out. However, you should also go to a driving range, so that you can practice your swing more.

50. Have a clear mind.
Playing golf would require you to have a clear mind, if you want to become better in it. This is because having a clear mind would make you more effective in making the right decisions, in terms of choosing the golf clubs to use, that way you aim, and many more. Thus, clear your mind prior to playing your favorite sport, so that you can perform at your best.

51. Turn on the power.
Aside from practicing your swing at a driving range, another way to increase your power would be to take note of the direction of your club head and your weight shift. When they travel in the same direction, then you can achieve a more explosive swing. Thus, after you do a backswing to do a swing, your weight shift and your club’s head should be heading towards the target.

52. The release.
When you do your swing, you should release your energy in a way that it would be transmitted into the golf ball. In making a swing, there would be a moment when your hand and arms would seem to slow down, which is usually just before hitting the target. At that moment, you should imagine your energy getting transmitted to the ball, from your hand through the clubhead.

53. Do some stretching.
Just like playing other sports, you should do some stretching first. Stretching can prevent injuries to happen. Aside from that, it can also limber up your muscles well, which can help you become more effective in doing your swing. Just follow the usual stretching routines and focus more on your arms.

54. Warm up to increase power.
Warming up for a more powerful swing can be done just minutes before you get started. Warming up is not limited to stretching, especially if you want to have good power in your swing. What you can do is to do some practice swings, but with a stance that you would take if you were hitting waist-high balls. Go through the motion, and slowly bring your posture to your normal golf stance. Do it not more than 7 times, and you would notice more power in your swings.

55. The rebound.
Most good players experience spinal rebound after hitting the ball. When you swing, your stance would actually go through certain stages, while you are trying to deliver powerful speed towards the target. To maintain balance, it is best if you tilt your body slightly away from the ball. Doing that would prevent injuries, as well as strains.

56. Take a deep breath.
Just before you make your swing, you should take a deep breath first. By doing that, you can ensure that you are rid of all the nervousness or excitement that you are going through. Aside from that, inhaling enough amounts of oxygen can also help you deliver a swing that can drive the ball at the rate that you want it to have.

57. The hunches.
You don’t want to do the hunches in playing golf. Hunches is actually a term, which describes your form whenever you are overreaching the ball. When this happens, you would actually lose coil and eventually lose power in your swings. Thus, you should not do it frequently. Aside from that, it is best to bend from the hips rather than the waist to prevent hunches.

58. Underswing or overswing.
Underswing usually happens, when your arms are moving too slowly when you swing, while the overswing is the complete opposite to that. If you tend to underswing, you can also choose a club that can usually deliver the ball farther, and you can also do the opposite if you overswing. You can make the right adjustments regarding this, if you are very familiar with the different golf clubs.

59. Line them up.
When it comes to the accuracy of your shots, if you are right handed, you should take note of your left hand grip. The tendons of your left hand’s thumb should be directly at the middle part of the club handle when you are about to swing. Maintain their positions while making the swing, so as to become more accurate in it.

60. Checking your lies.
It is always best to check on your lies whenever you make a swing. When lies follow angles that are unfit, then you can be assured that you would be encountering swinging errors. For example, if you swing with lie angles that are too upright, then force would take your ball off target to the left. The opposite is also true if it is too flat. Therefore, you should check your lie angles.

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