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How To Get “The Rock” Shoulder

Everyone wants to have “The Rock” shoulder & Washboard Abs! These are the aesthetic muscles that make you look good with or without clothes. First,...

Avoid these common mistakes when doing HIIT workouts

HIIT is, beyond doubt, a very effective workout but to get results, it needs to be done correctly. Most people are not used to...

8 different HIIT fitness routines to torch the fat

12 Minute HIIT Kettlebell or Weight Routine Equipment interval timer or clock with second hand box for box jumps kettlebell sandbag, weighted vest, or dumbbells Sets. For the intervals in...

30 days easy plank challenge

This challenge focuses on the plank exercise Videos Basic exercise httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT8wuGT7UT0 Bonus - 20 Plank Exercise Variations Moves For A Plank Workout httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jni7ZctAk6g Description Get into a position on the floor...

30 day kettlebell swing challenge

This challenge is based on around performing 30 days about Kettlebell swings First of all lets see how you perform a two handed kettlebell swing Step...

31 day squats challenge

Here is how to do the exercise first A great overall exercise for the lower body. This version uses dumbbells instead of a barbell. Beginners...

17 Total Body Workout Videos

A treat today a collection of total body workout videos. Some of these are absolutely brutal but worth it. We tried to pick videos...

11 Kettlebell Fitness Videos To Get You Fit

Kettlebells are fantastic pieces of equipment for fitness and health in general, this collection of video links shows a wide range of kettlebell related...

15 Inspiring Fitness Quotes

Here are another 15 fitness related quotes to inspire you, you can rank them if you wish

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