5 Minute Guide To Leveraging LinkedIn For Business

When it comes to generating sales for a business, more salespeople are only as good as their leads. Since, its inception, LinkedIn has been...

5 Minute Guide to Building a Long-Lasting Internet Business

The average lifespan of companies today has decreased by more than 50 years over the last century. In the 1920s a successful company typically...

A look at instagram marketing

Contents 01 - 3 Things You Should Never Do When Using Instagram Marketing 02 - 3 Ways to Produce More Instagram Content 03 - 5 Tips for...

Learn How To Use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Video 1 - Introduction to Gutenberg and Why? Let’s talk a little about Gutenberg – the pros and cons. A bird’s eye view of the...

How to Secure your wordpress site

Contents 1 - secure wp config file 2 - secure plugin directory 3 - secure admin files 4 - dont show the version of wp 5 - install wordfence...

Tips on how to speed up wordpress

Contents 1. Importance Of Webpage Speed 2. Speed Test Tools 3. YSlow Guide (Speed Testing Tool) 4. Google PageSpeed Guide (Speed Testing Tool) 5. Optimize Images 6. Optimize Home Page 7....

1 hour of relaxing rain sounds 1 hour of relaxing rain sounds : less than 1 minute of video then black screen.

2.5 hours of relaxing sounds of the ocean A relaxing video of ocean sounds, fall asleep listening to the waves hitting the seashore

relaxing thunderstorms sounds The simple sounds of thunder and rain

1 hour of relaxing sounds of the waterfall Listen to the relaxing sounds of the waterfalls, a few bonus images are included All images are CC and were found on pixabay

26 quotes about Bitcoin

It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust. John McAfee, founder of McAfee, Inc., Bloomberg interview. Blockchain...

Top 10 Dude Perfect Battles

This is our personal favourite Dude Perfect battles , vote for your favourite. Have we missed any - let us know.

14 websites to find free fonts for your projects

There are many times as a designer you need to find a nice looking font, this can enhance many projects. In this article we...

14 sites where you can make money testing websites

If you have any testing experience or this is  a job you want to work from home at the it is actually one of...

21 useful SEO tools

In this article we will present 21 links to help webmasters with their SEO on their web site. These range from backlink analysis, keyword...

14 free ebook sites

If you like to read books then I present you with a list of sites where you can view or download free versions, these...

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