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16 different strength training exercises

Contents alternating bent over row air bike crunches bent over row bicep curl bridge plank on elbows calf raises chest press crunch double crunch forward stepping lunge hamstring curl hip bridge plank push ups from knees standing reverse fly wall...

25 minutes of stretching exercises

  Stretching is very important before you exercise, not doing this can lead to injuries. Stretching video 1 This video contains the following back and neck stretch calf stretch chest...

A collection of exercise videos for your arms, chest, back, legs and shoulders

A variety of arm exercises https://youtu.be/sKF7w25t5qM 8 different back exercises https://youtu.be/P80O9wdO3XQ leg exercises https://youtu.be/G8gtU7Gg39s chest exercises https://youtu.be/18Elsi5Aj5k 10 shoulder related exercises https://youtu.be/alRZeP2uLRs

15 Different Ab Exercise Workouts

This article presents 15 different abdominal exercises that will help you build the abs you want. Various different exercises so you should find one...

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