50 motivation quotes to inspire

A colllection of motivation related quotes to inspire you. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a...

101 golf tips

1. Watch professional golf players play the game. If you want to become a golf player, it is a good idea to watch professional golf...

15 Delicious and tempting Chicken Recipes

Do you think chicken is boring, fed up with just eating plain or roast chicken then check out these recipes to give you some...

10 photos of beautiful natural scenery

The wonder of nature and teh world captured in some awesome pictures

Best Upcoming 2018 Movies You Wont Want To Miss

We take a look at some of the upcoming movie releases for 2018

12 tempting and tasty high protein recipes

Think high protein recipes are always tuna an egg based and boring then think again, in this article we present you with 12 fantastic...

101 weird and interesting facts

A one ounce milk chocolate bar has 6 mg of caffeine. A person infected with the SARS virus, has a 95-98% chance of...

40 awesome Darth Vader sounds

A collection of awesome and great Darth Vader quotes from the various Star Wars films

10 fantastic and tasty keto recipes

Think that keto food is boring and you cannot eat your favourite recipes, think again with this selection of great recipes

280 really weird US laws

Not sure if these are all still in lace, maybe people can comment underneath Alabama - It is illegal to play dominoes on Sunday. Alabama -...

30 great health and fitness quotes

These are some of my favourite health and fitness quotes

14 websites to find free fonts for your projects

There are many times as a designer you need to find a nice looking font, this can enhance many projects. In this article we...

14 sites where you can make money testing websites

If you have any testing experience or this is  a job you want to work from home at the it is actually one of...

100 funny football quotes

The world of football (soccer for US fans) can gift us with many funny comments , here we provide you with a  selection of...

21 useful SEO tools

In this article we will present 21 links to help webmasters with their SEO on their web site. These range from backlink analysis, keyword...

101 Money Saving Tips

1. Use solar powered light fixtures. There are lots of light fixtures today that can be powered by the sunlight. In using them, you would...

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